Frequently Asked Questions


Will Gutter Helmet products work for your home?

At Gutter Helmet of Northwest Ohio, we’re here to solve your problems and answer your questions. Our customers are delighted with our Gutter Helmet products because these products are versatile and effective since they are designed to perform in all four seasons. Of course, customers have questions as well. Here are some of the most common questions you’ve asked and the answers that will help you make the best decision for your home.

Q. Can Gutter Helmet be installed on a roof with solar panels?

A. Gutter Helmet is part of your roof protection system. Whether you're installing solar shingles or solar panels, you want to protect your investment and prevent water from backing up onto your roof. Gutter Helmet works to prevent damage to your solar roof.

Q. If I have no trees, do I need Gutter Helmet?

A. If you don't have trees around your home, you may still need Gutter Helmet. If there is debris in your gutters, you need Gutter Helmet. Even without trees in your yard, blossoms and leaves from your neighbors' gardens can accumulate in your gutters. Fine debris from pollen, needles and decaying roof shingles also moves down into your gutters. Small animals such as wasps will still enjoy nesting in your gutters, no matter whether you have trees or not. It just makes sense to protect your gutters.

Q. I have oversized 6"k-style gutters on my house. Will Gutter Helmet work?

A. Many U.S. homes have K-style gutters since these gutters give an attractive, finished look to a home. Since they have more rounded areas inside the gutters, debris can easily accumulate, and these gutters are harder to clean. Gutter Helmet works with many different types of gutters to ensure that you have the protection you need for your gutter system. Gutter Helmet prevents birds, squirrels, and ants from nesting in your home.

Q. How does Gutter Helmet Prevent carpenter ants from breeding gin my gutters?

A. Carpenter ants are a very real problem for your home, and they can compromise the integrity of your siding. With Gutter Helmet, you reduce animal attractants such as moist debris, reducing the likelihood that any animal will start a nest in your gutters. Gutters that work well also keep your siding dry, and since carpenter ants particularly like damp, rotten wood, this keeps the ants away.

Q. What is a nose forward design? Is it important?

A. You put your best foot forward. Gutter Helmet puts its nose forward. With a nose forward design, you know that leaves and other debris will slide right off the end of your gutter covers. That's because the end extends beyond the rest of the gutter. Debris simply can't slide into the gutter anymore, and instead, it falls to the ground.

Q. Can Gutter Helmet stop squirrels and birds from nesting in my gutters?

A. Absolutely! This is a common reason why people install Gutter Helmet products. A pile of sticks and leaves is an irresistible opportunity to birds and squirrels who see a nest ready to happen. With Gutter Helmet, not only do you avoid accumulations of leaves and sticks, you reduce entry into your gutters and prevent birds and squirrels from getting in to make a nest.

Q. What does triple lifetime warranty mean?

A. If cats have nine lives, does this mean your gutter guards have three? Not quite: our outstanding triple lifetime warranty means that you're protected for life in three different ways. When you purchase Gutter Helmet products, you're covered against defective materials and workmanship. Second, your gutter helmet is guaranteed to perform by letting no debris in and handling any amount of rainfall (we have been tested up to 22" of rain per hour, twice the amount ever recorded by NOAA). Finally, these warranties are transferable, so the next homeowner will be just as pleased as you are with our product and you can add some value to your home by installing Gutter Helmet.

Q. I have trouble with water running between. my gutter and the fascia board. Can gutter helmet prevent this?

A. When you have troubles with your gutters, many of these troubles have their roots in gutter clogging. Debris such as leaves and sticks backs up in your gutters, causing them to overflow. While they often overflow down the side of your house and into your landscaping, gutters that are packed with debris and water also leak in other areas, sending water down the fascia board. Keep your roof and your siding in top shape by adding Gutter Helmet to your gutters. This prevents the water backups that cause gutter leaks.